Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Work 4 Assignment

Today we went over basic architectural modeling and texturing and ways to utilize pieces modularly.

The assignment for next week is to work on modeling a wall and floor for a space, and incorporate at least simply painted textures to show interesting use of a trim page and designs.

  • You may work based on the themes we wrote down and drew from a hat in class, think of something more interesting, or incorporate the architectural ideas on a current project if you show significant progress.
  • If you like to get ahead, add in other modular pieces like columns, windows, and the ceiling or roof (depending on whether you want to utalize your architecture as interior or exterior)
  • Next week we will focus on utilizing what you've made modularly to create a full and engaging space.

Key themes to utilize for the assignment:
Trim textures - use them to make your architecture more than just walls and floor
Golden rules of good architectural modeling: Taper, Bevel, and Chamfer

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